Construcción de Mundos Alternativos Ronco Robles

(Building Alternative World's Ronco Robles)

We are a foundation that works together to build communitarian, social and civilizatory alternatives.

We believe in autonomy to build a better living based on profound ecological relationships. We work from intercultural diversity and strengthening, restoring and regenerating collective associations, communities and local, regional, and national processes.

The project is not thought as one that helps local Rarámuri communities, but as a project that along with those communities, learning from their experience and wisdom, faces common problems.


About Us...

Our members are in constant learning. They work alongside with collective organizations and communities to create knowledge, consolidating the project, giving sense and context in local and regional levels. 

We are currently 10 members in the SINÉ-COMUNARR team. We are supported by our alliances with Mexican Universities and social organizations, as well as offering different  services and implementating productive projects. 

By experiencing local life, with a critic and creative understanding, we emphasize our efforts on being a capable team to build the neutral ground for diverse cultures.  

We achieve our goals following the needs and problematics of local communities and networks, promoting spaces for knowledge to endure different processes, encouraging research, regional and broad networking, as well as producing content to share experiences and reflections.  





Our Story

Since 2005 (and legally registered in 2007), our team SINÉ has been working in the Tarahumara region. At the beginnings, the team was conformed by two Raramuri’s, two Mexicans and a Jesuit priest (Javier Ávila), mainly working with local communities, indigenous procedures, supporting and giving feedback and support to the PROFECTAR project; as well as offering educational and communication services. Starting 2012, we consolidate alliances with the Jesuit universities ITESO and IBERO, re-dimensioning the project, giving birth to COMUNARR, Construcción de Mundos Alternativos Ronco Robles (Building Alternative World’s Ronco Robles).


Our values

  • Share and learn day to day knowlege with collective associations and local communities 

  • Respect diversity and interculturality

  • Constructive communication

  • Affinity and horizontally built relationships

  • Continuously challenging mentalities and dominant practices

  • Learn alongside communities and collaborative associations who encourage and ease knowledge

  • De-colonize and de-construct, to build significance that nurtures communities 

  • Build from the margens

  • Eliminate dogmas and bring practices forward

  • We do not teach, we learn together

  • Answers are built from practice; they are revealed in the process


Contact us

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